DIY Beam Queen Crowns

In honor of the Royal Wedding, I put together this crazy easy DIY Beam Queen Crown. These are super helpful to make gymnasts stand up straight (you don’t want your crown to fall off!) and have their eyes on the end of the beam with their head up (walk like a royal, dah-ling!) While I’m still crying in my tea that I’m not Meghan Markle (or Kate for that matter. Homegirl gives birth and looks amazing like 10 seconds after!), with these crowns, all of your gymnasts can feel a little royal.


Stuff You'll Need:

A couple of pool noodles, a serrated knife, duct tape.


1. Cut

Cut a noodle in half, then into thin strips. Cut a few different sizes. Cut longer strips for larger crowns, some smaller strips for little crowns.


2. Bend

Bend the noodle strip into a circle shape.


3. Tape

Secure it with tape. The color is up to you!


4. Get Fancy

For extra flair and royal goodness, cut triangle shapes out of the front to make it really look like a crown.


5. Beam Kings & Queens

Use on beam with your little Kings and Queens. Watch their posture change immediately. Add a challenge with your older kiddos by walking on tip toes down beam, keeping their crown straight & on their head.

Not Just Crowns

Like all of my DIY projects, things don’t have to be totally perfect and exact. Your gymnasts will love them even if your cutting skills are a bit wobbly. :) These crowns also work as circles to throw onto a cone for your little ones (2’s class and 3’s class). You can also throw them on the floor to use as a target to throw a ball into. Either way, your little beam kings and queens will love playing a little dress up at gymnastics.

Off to high tea, cheerio friends!