Valentine-ish Preschool Theme Weeks

If you’ve been coaching or working with kids for a hot minute, you know that Valentine’s day can be a fast moving tornado of hearts, the color pink, tiny cards and S-U-G-A-R. Truth be told, when I taught Kinder, it was one of my least favorite days of the year because of all the zippity do around chocolate roses and tiny cards.

 So, I’m here to help all of you non-Valentine’s day fans and those of you who want to try something different.

1. Love Bug

This whole week is about hearts AND bugs. You can squish bugs, stomp on bugs (especially if you draw a bug on the end of the springboard). Other ideas: count how many legs a bug has and that's how many kicks to do.

2. Bring a Pal

If you're insurance allows, let each child bring a friend to class. You will need extra staff for the larger classes, but it also might be a great time to train an older team kiddo who's been interested in coaching the little ones. Each station should be about the friends working together and giggling (as well as learning some sweet gymnastics skills!)

3. Heart Muscle

Lets get those bodies moving! Each station is designed to get those little hearts pumping! Lots of gross motor movement for this week like: running, two foot jumps, pit races and skipping. Cardio for the win!

4. Lovey Animal

My personal fave! This week, the kiddos bring their favorite special stuffed 'lovey' animal to class. They show their gym skills to their lovey as well as participate with their lovey on some stations. And guess what? This lesson plan is already made! Check it out in the Happy Gym shop here. 

Enjoy celebrating in style with one of these Valentine-ish theme weeks for your kiddos. Kids will be super engaged while celebrating all the love that comes with Valentine’s day, in a new way. Happy Valentine's Day!