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Let’s chat. Below are some of the most common questions we get. If you can’t find your answer here, email me. I’m happy to help! 




What if I don’t have the exact equipment in a lesson plan? . . .

Every gym has their own set of equipment. If you don’t have the exact piece of equipment pictured, you can easily swap it with something else. For example, if there is a set of parallettes, swap it with two low beams. If there are poly spots, make chalk circle on the floor. The work the gymnasts are doing on the station is more important than having the actual piece of equipment. In several plans, there is a ‘prop swap’ list just in case you don’t have the props pictured.

How will I receive my lesson plans? . . .

All lesson plans are available as digital downloads (PDF) immediately upon purchase. The lesson plans packs are available as a hard copy option.

Can I use the lesson plans out of order? . . .

Yes. You can use Happy Gymnastics lesson plans in a way that works for your session schedule. There are some plans that work better at certain time of the session. They are noted in the plan details.

What about returns? . . .

Simply, the lesson plans won’t work unless you work. Plus, I care that you get value and your preschool program improves.In order to be eligible for a refund, you must try the plan at least once, submit a photo of the set up in your gym and details about what happened when you tried it. If you do the work and feel I haven’t delivered on my promise of exceptional lesson plans, I will happily give you a full refund.

What if there’s something in the plans I don’t understand? . . .

If there is something on the plans that looks kinda funky, please email me and I can explain more. We can work through it together.

Can I share the plan with my other gym owner friends? . . .

You can share the website and any other content on the site, however sharing the purchased plans violates the HG copyright policy.


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