St. 'Prop'-trick's Day Ideas

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

St. Patrick’s day is on its way, and there is nothing I like more than having extra special theme weeks in preschool. You can check out my full St. Prop-trick’s Day video here, but here are the highlights...

1. Green Bow Ties

Found these little beauties at the dollar store. Love that they go right over the beam and stay in place without any tape (yes, I obsessively duct tape my props down).

2. Giant Shamrocks

Excellent for defining a space for landing, but also pretty durable.

3. All of Your Green Stuff

The best part about St. Patrick’s Day is that it’s all about a color, rather than a character (I’m looking at you, Santa!) Grab all of the green stuff you’ve got (and maybe even some rainbow things?) to use as props for this week.

With a wee bit of luck o’ the Irish (plus, these props) your St. Patrick’s day theme will be shamrockin'!


Take me to the video!