Free Lesson Plan: Fall Into Fall


Goodbye sweaty summer, hello fall!

As the weather changes and we begin to welcome in cooler fall air, many gyms are beginning a fresh preschool gymnastics session. Given all of the time you spend at the gym, it can be easy to forget how overwhelming it can be to our youngest gymnasts.

I created the lesson plan “Fall Into Fall” to concentrate on safety falls and gym safety. As new (and old!) preschoolers come back to the gym, it is important to teach them how to be safe in class while trying new skills.

Class Flow

The class flow I like best is when the gymnasts have a circuit that they complete for a certain amount of time (versus staying on one station and listening to a coach to tell them to switch). I like this because it keeps little preschool bodies moving, promotes independence and gets in heaps of repetition of each skill.

I have incorporated one spotting station during the second rotation while leaving the first rotation open for your preschool coaches to rove and teach the gymnasts how to move through the circuit.

The 3 through 5 year old class flows like this:

  • Opening circle for attendance
  • Warm Up song
  • Quick Stretch (review gymnastics positions)
  • Show how to do stations in the first rotation
  • Gymnasts do the circuit
  • Get a drink
  • Show how to do stations on the second rotation
  • Gymnasts do circuit
  • Pit time/Tumbl Track/Tramp time
  • Closing Circle (review and do focus skill from that week)
  • Stamps
  • Goodbye Song


I hope you find this lesson plan organized, helpful and effective. Here’s to a safe start for a new preschool gymnastics session! I'd love to know what you think of this lesson plan! Leave a comment below!