Find The Hidden Money In Your Gym


If you are a gym owner who’s focused on team, it’s easy to forget there’s a huge growth opportunity right in front of you: preschool. That’s right, those little cuties with half a butt cheek hanging out of their leotards can make your gym very profitable. Before I show you how, let’s break down the numbers: A Level Eight gymnast trains for 16 hours per week. She spends $280 month to train in your gym. That’s $4.38 an hour. Four Level Eight gymnasts bring in $1120 per month.

You also have to account for the gym space they take up, commitments to competitions, hotel rooms, specialized coaches, and competition leotards, and you’re barely getting ahead. Even when you add in your Level Four, Five, and Six gymnasts, your dollar per hour probably doesn’t change much.


One Preschool gymnast for 55 minutes per week at $52 per month (round up to the hour here). That’s $13 per hour. A full Preschool class of seven gymnasts bumps that hourly rate to $91 per hour! You could easily run four full classes per night bringing in $364 per week.

If you only ran classes three times a week, you’d bring in $1092. That’s $4368 per month! Throw in Saturday morning Preschool classes and that number only gets bigger. When you start to figure in the additional costs you must account for with Team, it becomes a no brainer. Preschool wins (ding ding ding!) as your best income potential.

The “hidden” money in your gym is in your preschool program. Let's fill those classes!

Invest in Prime Time

When I ran one of my preschool programs, I scheduled more night classes than day classes. The head team coach and I worked out a schedule to make room for preschool at night. It can be tempting to limit preschool to day times only because the gym is so busy at night with school age gymnasts and the team program. I have found that night classes fill up faster and stay full. Only offering day classes also eliminates any opportunity for working parents to sign their child up for classes. There is a huge opportunity to be successful with night classes and all it takes is some gym rotation planning (bonus points for those of you with separate preschool areas that don’t have this problem!)

Owning a gym is hard work and it can be easy to overlook programs that might not be your first love. Growing your preschool program will allow you to find the ‘hidden’ money in your gym!