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Done-For-You Preschool Skill Sheets

Give your gymnasts a clear path to growth and finally have a definitive answer for parents when they ask, “What comes next?”



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Look What I Can Do Skill Sheets + Guide Book + Lesson Plan

Make assessment quick, easy, and clear with 4 skill sheets for all preschool ages. Plus, a corresponding lesson plan and guide book to give coaches all the support and training they need.


Eliminate the time-consuming process of organizing skills and training staff.

Imagine the time it takes to list and evaluate the mountain of skills spanning 2-6 year old classes. Then, double that time by trying to decide which skills are most important for kiddos to demonstrate before moving on to the next level.

There’s a reason most gyms don’t have skill sheets like these. They’re difficult and time consuming to create.

Each LWICD skill sheet solves this problem by clearly identifying developmentally appropriate skills—big star skills—that are safe and solid progressions from one age group to another.

Other skill sheets on the market charge additional monthly membership fees of up to $1500. But with LWICD, you pay once and use them forever. There’s no better way to streamline your preschool program.

No guessing. No stressing. Just gymnasts growing and coaches coaching.


We immediately had something tangible for my staff to implement right away and we have something going home to parents that looks really professional. What Sarah’s done here is amazing and has saved us a ton of time!

Robin Lozier, Co-Owner, Bounce Stapleton


Skill sheets vetted by a group of professionals in the preschool gym industry to make sure they're effective and user friendly

The LWICD preschool skill sheets are carefully designed to keep things positive, while leaving room for coaches to evaluate effectively. Each skill assessment uses the language of…

“I Rocked It”

“I’m Working On It”

“I’m Not Quite Ready Yet!”

We want gymnasts to feel proud of their work and skills, while developing a growth mindset. LWICD language leaves the door open for children and their parents to know that just because they haven’t nailed a skill yet, doesn’t mean they should stop trying! This friendly and gentle wording gives your kiddos a clear understanding of why they’re working so hard and lets parents know exactly what’s coming.


I love how straightforward and logical these skill sheets are. The simplicity is great! And they’re pushing our planning too. At first, I thought tummy rolls were too advanced for a 4-year-old, but then realized it's a great goal to work towards as they get closer to 5.

Ali Muller-Stoffels, Recreation Program Director, Milton Springers


We all know gymnastics skills are not the only factor to consider when moving kiddos up a level.

Developmental skills—following directions, body safety, knowing how to move through a circuit—are all critically important before moving a child into a more advanced class.

Helps parents and young gymnasts see that developmental skills and gymnastics skills are equally important in your decision to advance them or not.


So Much More Than Skill Sheets!

Skill sheets by themselves are great, but if you don’t know how to implement them, you’re right back where you started.

Which is why we also include a 20-page guide book and a corresponding lesson plan—each designed to support your training and implementation.


The Guide Book:

This comprehensive 20-page guide books touches on everything your coaches will need to make LWICD Skill Sheets a success in your gym.

  • When to assess your gymnasts

  • How to build a program focused on “Growth, Not Graduation”

  • How skills sheets help to educate parents (a key to retention!)

  • Tips for meaningful coaching feedback

  • How to calibrate your coaches (and your teams)

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Lesson Plan:

Make implementation of your new skill sheets super easy with “All By Myself Week” — a corresponding lesson plan that’s designed especially for use with your skill sheets!

Bonus: Coaches can use this plan to assess several gymnasts at once. A total “win-win”!

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About Sarah

Sarah is the founder of Happy Gymnastics where she helps gym owners & directors around the world build awesome preschool programs.

She has over 20 years of experience as a gymnast & director, 5 years experience as a Kindergarten classroom teacher, and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

Aside from having the honor of speaking at various USAG events—including National Congress—she frequently consults with gyms in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Needless to say, preschool gymnastics is her jam.



These questions aren’t frequently asked. They’re just the ones I’d ask if I was considering skills sheets for my gym.


Are the skill sheets customizable? . . .

No. The skills on the progress reports were carefully chosen based on age-appropriate progressions, but we understand that each gym may want to add their own flair. If that's the case, you'll be happy to see there are two blank lines at the end of the floor section to add [your gym specific] skills.

How are the age groups broken down? . . .

The age groups are organized by 2-3 year olds, 3-4 year olds, 4-5 year olds, and 5-6 year olds. If you have classes that are grouped 3-5 year olds, you can use the skill sheet that best fits each child's age. For example, if you have a young 4, it may be best to use the 3-4 skill sheet, whereas if you have an older 4, the 4-5 skill sheet might be a better fit.

What gymnastics events are covered in each skill sheet? . . .

Skill sheets are designed to assess vault, bars, beam, and floor.

Why no trampoline? . . .

We chose to focus on all of the artistic gymnastics olympic events. If it works for your gym, consider incorporating trampoline via the "gymnastics jumps" or "gymnastis positions" requirement.

Are the skill sheets digital or hard copies? . . .

The LWICD skill sheets are in PDF format. You'll receive them—along with the guide book and corresponding lesson plan—as a .zip file that's ready for immediate download.

That said, they're designed in full color and ready for printing. It's the best of both worlds! :)

What if these skill sheets don't work out for our gym? . . .

We back all of our preschool products with a 100% guarantee. If you buy, but don't love your skill sheets, we will give you a full refund within 10 days of purchase.

Still have questions? Email me. I’d be happy to answer them 1-1.


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