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Give Every Coach in Your Gym A Child Development Foundation—Even If You Don’t Have Time.

Teaching what to coach is easy. Teaching how to coach is the hard part.






You’re Not Alone.

Having consistently trained coaches is one of the biggest problems directors and owners face.



My heart is just so full watching the coaches interact with the kids. People want to grow and improve. They're loving the training because there's more consistency and accountability for them. Because of Sarah, we’re doing everything better than before. That's the goal, right?”

Robin Lozier, Bounce, Stapleton


Staffing and Hiring is a Constant and Ongoing Process.

You know training new coaches is a ton of time and work. Yet, we still rush through. We’re quick to put new coaches in the gym, letting them shadow our best coaches to give them a feel for the classes.

We go from new hire to teaching—sometimes within 24 hours—because we need coaches in front of kids. We tell ourselves that they’ll figure it out as they go. Or, they’ll pick it up.

There’s just one big problem with this approach…

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We Teach Coaches How Classes Work Rather Than  Teaching Them How Kids Work.

Understanding child development is the key to creating great coaches. And great coaches are how you build a premier gymnastics program

We want coaches who are engaged and engaging; creative and disciplined; willing to learn and confident.  

Mastering child development unlocks the door for every coach to operate from a solid foundation of how kids learn, so they can serve kids at the highest level. After all, that’s what we’re all here for, right?


Introducing Child Development
for Preschool Coaches.

Give every coach in your gym a solid foundation of how children develop and how to apply that learning in the gym.

Child Development for Preschool Coaches a go-at-your-own-pace online training designed to give every coach a foundational understanding of children’s minds, bodies, and emotions to create personalized, whole-child programs.  


Understanding the Whole Child is the Key to Developing Engaged, Creative, and Premier Coaches.




Part 1: Connect Your Coaching


Whole Child in the Gym

14 minutes

Before you learn about the specific age groups, you’ll need some clarity about what “whole child” means and how it affects your gymnasts. In this lesson, your coaches will learn: 

  • What child development does for your program
  • How child development opens the door to teaching gymnasts anything

  • Seeing beyond the gymnast

  • The four pillars that make up the ‘whole child’


Connect Your Coaching

12 minutes

Coach-Gymnast connection matters, and is the backbone to any successful preschool class. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How they’re a responsive rockstar in their gymnast’s lives

  • The secret sauce of healthy development

  • How to connect with gymnasts in personal and meaningful ways


Brain Stuff

17 minutes

Brain are developing during your classes, so coaches need to understand how to teach with young brains in mind. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • Brain development basics

  • How to customize their teaching with a “baby brain” focus

  • How to build on an interaction called serve & return


Theory Stuff
(Old, Dead Guys)

17 minutes

As you get ready to dive into age group learning, you’ve got to get some solid theory under your belt. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How each child brings their own flava’ to development

  • How understanding the OG’s of child development theory will help them in the gym

  • ZPD in the G-Y-M: The sweet spot for learning

Part 2: Littlest of the Littles


Babies in the Gym

16 minutes

Even if you don’t have a baby class, coaches need to know where babies begin in order to understand their older preschoolers. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How baby brains & bodies of one-year- olds work

  • One year old milestones (and how to use these to design your class or open gym)

  • Tips for one year olds in the gym (and things to watch out for!)


Toddler Power!

21 minutes

Two year olds are a unique and complicated bunch. If your coaches are teaching a parent tot class, this lesson will help them understand more about the little ones in class. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How two-year-old’s rapid brain development affects their learning in the gym

  • How to use the gymnastics and developmental milestones to plan your two year old stations

  • Tips and tricks for having two year olds in the gym


Three Year Olds: Three Alllll Me

17 minutes

Three-year-olds are on their own in class for the first time. You’ll need to know what they can do, STAT! In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How three-year-old’s developmental milestones are their base for gymnastics

  • How to keep three’s on their toes by having the same class flow, but different content

  • What threes struggle with the most in class and how to manage them like a boss


Part 3: Gym Genius


Four Year Olds: Destination Imagination

19 minutes

Four-year-olds are magic to have in the gym. You’ll need to know how to capture and capitalize on this truly amazing developmental stage to bring out the best in your gymnasts. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How to maximize four-year-old’s learning by understanding physical, cognitive & social development

  • The big challenges for four-year-olds and how to anticipate for them

  • How to use the developmental and gymnastics milestones to plan wildly


Fives in the Gym: In Betweenies

12 minutes

Fives are in a rapid time of transition (hello, Kindergarten!) Find out more about their ‘in betweenie-ness’ and how to structure classes that set up fives to win. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • How life is goooooood for five-year-olds and how to take this into the gym

  • How five-year-old’s development & stamina affects their learning in the gym

  • Where to dig in to design amazing five-year-old stations


Gym Genius: Putting it All Together

6 minutes

Take all of your new learning and use it in the gym tomorrow. In this lesson, coaches will learn:

  • What to do with their new learning in their Action Guide in order to create their ‘Whole Child Coaching Plan’

  • How and when to connect with their preschool director and debrief about the coach’s Whole Child Coaching Plan

  • How to use their new plan to teach thoughtful, impactful, child development based classes



That’s nearly 2.5 hours of super-focused, high-impact training you can use with your coaches again and again!




Sarah's Got the Goods!

I hear you. It can be hard to know who to trust when everyone claims to be an expert. If you’ve been following Happy Gymnastics for awhile, you know I know my stuff. But, let’s just assume you’re new here. 


Here's the Deal About Me...

  • 11 years as a gymnast.
  • 10+ years of coaching preschool gymnastics.
  • 5 years serving as Preschool Director in New Zealand, Chicago, and Kansas.
  • 5 years teaching Kindergarten to challenged student populations.
  • 3+ years running Happy Gymnastics (lesson plans, mobile program, speaking, and consulting).
  • Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.

Sarah's professional development trainings are great. Her knowledge and creativity have helped our staff come together to improve our program and strengthen our teams.”

Anna Narvaes, Mountain Kids


Child Development for Preschool Coaches is Perfect for Brand New, Young, or High School Coaches, AND Established, Veteran Coaches.

What Child Development for Preschool Coaches IS

  • A rock solid foundation of child development concepts
  • A deeper understanding of developmental milestones and what’s appropriate in a gym
  • Recognition of children’s social, emotional, and physical stages
  • Open-ended instruction you can tailor to your gym
  • Instructions for how to best meet children’s needs in ways that are appropriate for their development
  • The creation of a personalized whole-child coaching plan for immediate use

What Child Development for Preschool Coaches IS NOT

  • Spotting techniques

  • Just station ideas

  • Dry and boring list of developmental milestones

  • Instruction for teaching specific skills

  • DVDs, Binders, or documents to keep track of (everything is housed online for easy access)

  • A one-size-fits all curriculum


You're Building a Premier Program.

Child Development for Preschool Coaches is the surest way to make that happen.


Buy Once, Train Forever. 


Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to the course when you bring on a new coach, simply give them access to the training and—ta-daaaaa—your new coach is fully educated about child development before she ever steps foot into the gym.

Printable Action

Because each lesson ends with clear instruction and time for reflection, every coach who goes through the training will create a personal “coaching bible” to help guide them in future coaching and lesson creation endeavors.

Printable Milestone

Hang in your preschool area to remind new coaches, every day, about what kids can do at each age group (plus, they can use these to help plan gymnastics stations).


Let's Put a Bow on This Thing...

Without a doubt, improving your coach’s training—whether they’re preschool coaches or rec—is the #1 way to grow your gym, your reputation, and your bottom line.

This is every experience I’ve had in a gym, every consulting gig I’ve had, every lesson plan I’ve created and tested, every degree I’ve worked for, and every training I’ve ever gone through distilled into one simple and effective course. And I’m giving you lifetime access—something worth at least 10x the investment you make today..

There is no other preschool training out there that’s as insightful, engaging, or results-focused as this one.


Still Wondering if Child Development for Preschool Coaches is Right for Your Gym?


Don’t  Worry.

We Offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I know it can be scary to purchase online training programs. I’ve been there myself. But I’ve given you every ounce of energy and knowledge I have to help you transform your coaches and your gym. I also expect you’ll give as much of yourself to learning as I have to teaching. That’s why, if you decide this program isn’t right for you or your coaches, all you’ll have to do is submit proof that you did the coursework and it didn’t work for you.

If you do that, I’ll promptly refund the full fee, no questions asked. But to be clear, if you do not submit proof of your completed coursework within 30 days of purchase, no refund will be issued.

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You Will Get Instant, Unlimited Access to a One-Of-A-Kind Training Program:

  • Step by step video instruction to ensure ALL coaches have consistent training
  • Engaging video lessons to motivate coaches to serve kids at the highest levels
  • Action Guide Workbook to capture new learning & create a Whole Child Coaching Plan
  • Gymnastics Milestone Charts for lesson planning support
  • Developmental Milestone Charts to use as anchors when lesson planning
  • ULTIMATE BONUS: Unlimited Access for Life!

My Main Goal Is To Help You Serve Gymnasts and Parents at the Highest Level Possible.

If you’ve made it this far, you know how better training for coaches will skyrocket your gymnasts’ development, grow your program, and make you the premier gym in your area.  

I want your coaches to have the deepest knowledge of kids they possibly can, even if they’ve never coached a preschool class in their lives. A lack of previous coaching experience shouldn’t prevent you from having the most engaging, most dedicated coaches you can.

For a few hundred bucks, you can immediately begin transforming your coaches, your classes, and your gym.

What Do You Have to Lose?

 Get Started Now!