Holiday Gift Guide for Preschool Directors- 2016 Edition

Tis the season for finding unique gifts for your awesome preschool director. Here is a gift guide to give you some ideas to make it a good one. Ho Ho Ho!

1. New Ideas

Directors always want new ideas. Here’s a book of 50 of them (including 10 videos), created by yours truly (did you really think I’d skip over my own stuff in this list?! ;)

2. Swanky Shoes

Just because your director works in a gym all day doesn’t mean she wants to feel like a schlump. These classic, pretty kicks will brighten her day!

3. Pretty Water Bottle

Sip, sip hooray! This Swell water bottle will keep your director’s water cold while she teaches her classes. Plus, it’s really cute.

4. A Tunnel That Won’t Rip

Cue ‘Hallelujah’ music please. This tunnel is built to last. Yes, it’s a bit tricky to put away (envision a sort of straddle, on all fours position to hold it down and velcro shut), but it is durable. Pick your battles.

5. Pretty Clipboard That No One Can Steal

Love this sweet fireburst clipboard. Plus, everyone will know whose it is, so it won’t get magically used by other coaches. What a way to ring in 2017!

6. The Best Bubbles In the World

Seriously, these are the best bubbles in the world. They are a ‘dry pop’ bubble from Gymboree, so you won’t have all of that sticky, gross bubble gunk on the mats (ok, so there’s always a little, but these won’t be nearly as bad). Also, the gymnasts can catch them on their fingers and they won’t pop. Hours later, you’ll see rogue bubbles floating around the lobby looking for a place to land.

7. New Preschool Plans

Give your director the invaluable gift of TIME by taking planning off of her plate. The new Happy Gym plans will allow her to focus on staff development, preschool marketing and spending more time with her own family. She’ll get to choose from the new themes: Ta Da, Things That Go Vroom, Lovey Animal, Pirate and Belly Button.