The Big Kahuna Collection

Big Kahuna Cover.png
Big Kahuna Cover.png

The Big Kahuna Collection


With the Big Kahuna Collection, you get all fifteen of the available Happy Gymnastics lesson plans in one place! At this price, it’s like getting two FREE lesson plans!

This bundle has it all:

  • Tuck and Straddle Week
  • Pike Pajama Party
  • Fast and Slow Week
  • Pit Week
  • Upside Down Week
  • Western Week
  • Silly Socks Week
  • Spring Into Spring
  • Food Week
  • Backward Week
  • Lovey Animal Week
  • Pirate Week
  • Things That Go Vroom! Week
  • Ta Da! Week
  • Belly Button Week

Order this bundle, set it up, and watch your staff rock their preschool classes.

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